Like a yo-yo

Sometimes I feel ok. Those times I think, alright if it is spinal fluid seeping out of your nose all day long, you’ll figure it out. Sometimes I feel sick, physically and that makes me sad and that’s not great but I medicate, literally, and then I feel ok. But mostly I feel sad. I […]

Blame this post on excessive amounts of feminist theory….

I’ve found a trend in my writing about letting go of control, and I suppose I thought that meant being totally fine in the face of whatever shit hit me directly in the face. Taking my face-shit contact with a smile. Ta da! There’s that shining good attitude. What I’m realizing now is the grief, […]

Stuck on the wrong side of a rom-com ending

You know those perfect romantic comedies. You know the one’s right? The story where two people meet and it’s kismet, instant connection, sharp wit and endless hijinks. The couple is invariably torn apart by a stupid friend, a drunken mistake or a disastrous bout of physical comedy induced accidents. In the end they always find […]