Head above water

So recently things have just been plain hard. My spirits were relatively low and I had some pretty rough moments. Last week I flew to Poughkeepsie, NY for a conference. Before going there I had come down with a pretty nasty cold and couldn’t really feel my face because my sinuses wanted to explode. Between […]

Tumor moments

So I’ve always had some tendencies to you know, be a bit flighty. Lose my keys, get easily distracted, lose my car, heck I’d lose my hair if it wasn’t attached to my head! Now I feel I have an excuse. The other day I left my iPod in my car before I was about […]

Rough patch

The last few day have been tough. The reality of my diagnosis, while always present in my mind, has finally set in. I haven’t worked out in days, currently I sit here half dressed for the gym looking for my motivation on my bedroom floor. I think talking to the folks at the Barrow Institute […]