Purely Informational

WARNING: If you’re here for a moment of uplift, inspiring lesson, casual amount of snark, hijinks or hilarity, a heart to heart convo between my typing and your computer screen, some love, some anger, some anything but apathy, you’re in the wrong place.

This post is just an update. All 4 of you consistent readers will be happy to know that as I already knew my CSF leak is still persistent, active and puzzling to neurosurgeons and ENTs everywhere. Oh well, such is life. So craniotomy no. 6? That was purely bonus. Ok, so, Monday, yes like this Monday, I will go back in. (This means I will go back into the hospital and they will go back into my head). Given the multiple attempts to rebuild the honeycomb like part of my skull that just didn’t quite get there, they’re going to stop cutting into my ears and head and go up my nose (with a rubber hose!). JK, I just wanted to say that, the nose part is accurate, rubber hose part, I really don’t know, I cannot confirm or deny. So anyway, they are going up my nose mummification style and going to try to sew my Eustachian tube shut.

Sounds fun, right?! 

I mean, yea.

So that’s happening, if that doesn’t take then it’s shunt city up in here (highly undesirable solution to a highly undesirable problem that while annoying will not snake away whatever tiny shards of my spirit are left). 

So that’s Monday, with any luck I will be back at work by Tuesday. Why? Because why not. Also because I have a freaking dissertation to write and while it seems arbitrary and meaningless to devote my time to, it’s what I’ve got and I have to have something if I am to survive this all. Plus, I have no other practical skills.

Also, full disclosure, I had a donut for breakfast today. 

And yesterday.

See, purely informational.

Oh yea, about Herbert, we haven’t dealt with him since January, one doc says he thinks he got him all, the other thinks we need to radiate his residue because he will grow. We can worry about that later and really won’t know until a month or so out when we MRI my tired little head again. CLIFFHANGER! (Not really).

As always peace and love,



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