Tumor moments

So I’ve always had some tendencies to you know, be a bit flighty. Lose my keys, get easily distracted, lose my car, heck I’d lose my hair if it wasn’t attached to my head! Now I feel I have an excuse.

The other day I left my iPod in my car before I was about to teach a yoga sculpt donation class. (More shameless self promotion- come take yoga sculpt with me every Monday at the DSCC at CU- bring can foods as weights and then we’ll donate them!) I ran down to the car knowing I had just a few minutes to get my iPod. I ran into the garage at the entrance I had gone in and ran down the stairs. I walked down the aisle and there it should be! Oh crap! I had no idea where it was. I went down another floor to a largely deserted floor. Welp it’s not here! I was frantically pushing the beeper. I could hear it but could not figure out where it was! “Good thing I have a tumor,”I thought. That would be super embarrassing otherwise.

There have been several of these moments in the last few weeks. When I use my trusty “Herbert made me do it!” excuse, people have a tendency to throw their smart asses in my face. “Well, what was your problem before?!” they ask with a smile playing on their lips. “Um, well,” I say, “it was Herbert!” Might I remind everyone in my tiny blogosphere that Herbert has been living in my head long enough for him to have squatters rights. He has set up shop and has indefinite plans. It’s not his vacation home, he moved in thinking that my brain and inner ear areas were perfect places to grow old. Well a ten year old in tumor years (like dog years) makes you elderly because it is almost his time to die.

I’ll most likely be bringing you many of these tumor moments. It’ll look like this: I fell down! Classic tumor moment! Ha! Or this: oh no, I walked into a wall and spilled coffee all over myself while walking, tumor moment! Will all of these things actually be the fault of tumor? Probably not. Is it possible I am just a jackass? Why, yes, it is quite possible. I hope that whatever the cause of my tumor moments we can all laugh together about them. Because laughter is proving to be my best medicine. The second I stop that ringing in my ears and the pressure in my head takes over. We can’t let that happen.

In other news, actual updates are that Dr. Elliot and Dr Feehs here in town have the results of what their little convention has recommended. I will get those opinions next Wednesday. The Barrow institute has set my appointment for October 25th so Dad, Jason and I will be heading to Phoenix that morning. As far as how I feel? Kinda shitty. Lots of pain in my head and neck and I am for sure fighting off everyone’s germs and colds. That being said, each day I wake up and consider myself lucky that Herbert didn’t enact some kind of law and order style murder suicide. I die you die Herbert, watch yourself buddy! There was something else I wanted to say but I forgot, classic tumor moment! Anyway, so far so good I’m not dead and I’m not too depressed. I’m just in a stage of endless waiting and seeing and laughing.

Peace and love

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