Headaches and Smiles, who would have thought

So last night as I sat down to watch the pretty awkward and somewhat disappointing debate, the headache I had been fighting off through class came on full force. Not even witty remarks flying back and forth from Mittens and Barry were enough to keep it at bay.

I took 3 advil in the car on my way home from class and 3 more at home. Welp, it did nothing. Then I drank some water and quietly whispered, “Herbert, lay off, I am trying to tweet for the benefit of our country…” He didn’t listen so I tweeted anyway (shameless plug, find me on Twitter @srajabi). About half way through my charming Twittering, I had to stop, the pain was just too severe.

I have become accustomed to headaches. Lingering, long term persistent headaches. This one was particularly bad. The throbbing was no longer isolated to the right side of my brain and had taken over my whole head and face. OUCH. I got the work I needed to for this morning done and abandoned any ambitions of working on my chapter or any further work I had planned. Somehow, between that and ordering perishable birthday gifts for someone online (you know who you are!) it was midnight. I had no idea what had happened. I got ready for bed and laid down. I set my requisite 16 alarms and hoped I would get up early enough to tame the moose nest on my head that I call my hair.

Well I did, and I even combed it a little. How is that for a success story?! Then I put on the nice dress in my closet that I have been saving for something special for almost two years. It dawned on me that nothing was apparently special enough for me, in my mind, to warrant risking my beautiful Leifstodder silk dress. So, I decided, today would be special. I would razzle dazzle my students today. I even put on my pink tumor lipstick (I dubbed it tumor lipstick because it was one of my many coping purchases)and I felt pretty darn cute walking out the door.

Class was really fun today, while I am not sure if I am getting through to anyone the class period was the first time since yesterday my headache had faded. I couldn’t even tell that I had a weird, creepy, old man squatter named Herbert in my brain. We talked debates, we talked social media and we talked books. Given that their text book talks greatly about technology convergence and Amazon I felt it necessary to regail the students with stories of my obsessive Amazon purchases, from Quinoa to TP, I get it all. Since the book also talks greatly about the Harry Potter phenomenon of books, movies, and merchandise, I also felt it was necessary to let them know I waited in line for all the books and spent my glamorous new years at HP Land. In essence I embarrassed myself so that they can see that we are all products of our media environment but that doesn’t mean we can’t be critical of it. They laughed with me. They made really smart commentary and they participated. Even the folks that usually don’t. It was great.

After class there was a man lingering by the front of the room while I tied up some loose ends with students who have been sick. I saw him lingering, I smiled at him and turned my attention back to my students. He had a CU hat on, he probably belongs here I thought to myself. Well he did, he is in charge of checking in on our student athletes but he really checked on me and made my day. He said he LOVED my class and wished he could take it. He had a refreshing personality and an excellent outlook on life. He understood the point of what I am trying to get across. We can simultaneously be inside a structure but choose to try and get on the outside to criticize it. He was so self-reflexive. He was so kind. He was a delight to talk to. It was one of those moments where we crossed paths on our life journeys at exactly the right time. He made me feel hopeful, and we weren’t even talking about hope.

So I came to go to office hours, my extra vanilla latte in hand and I found my self laughing. I was laughing at the funny message I left for one sister and the funny text I was about to send for another. I was laughing that my dress, this coveted, special, gorgeous dress, was riding up my legs like nobody’s business. I was laughing at myself. Laughing at everyone. I was elated. High on life.

Either that or Herbert has cut off some kind of vital blood supply to my brain rendering me goofier than I was, even before. Either way, it felt good to be my goofy old self.

My head ache is back. I’m choosing to ignore it. I am also choosing to ignore the tingling sensation on the right side of my head. Whatever. I look way too cute today to worry. We should never waste a good outfit on worry. And we should never just save them for a special day. Every day can be special if we just give it a chance.

I might just be in a good mood because the last thing I saw before bed was an Old Spice ad that told me to “Believe in my smellf”

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