Supposed to be sleeping…


Ermagerd! Erm gertting brain surgery terrmorrow!!!

I’m not supposed to be awake, thinking, feeling, typing. I should be sleeping, preparing for what some have termed “my big day” in the am, but I’m not. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was wide awake. First I sat here in awe of all the love and kindness that has poured out of my little community. Then I felt the warmth of my family and family of choice. From my brothers and sisters traveling through blizzards for me to the best friends that flew here to be my support system giving me hugs and glittery cards. I’m so lucky. So loved. I wish with all my might I could share this with all of you. This unconditional love. This is a live every human should experience. Herbert or no Herbert.

As I prepare for science to work one of its modern miracles on me for the first time in a long while I can see past the surgery. I can see the horizon. My faith in love, life and well, faith seems to have been restored. By you. All of you. Walking alongside me and sharing small parts of yourselves with me.

Thank you. And sorry for being such a crabby lady. Though I cannot promise the impatient bitch that lives under Herbert won’t reappear after my craniotomy…I know she’s still in there… Watching… Waiting.

In all seriousness, though knowing full well I am so blessed the last few days have tested my resolve and it took real personal work to see past them. Your love and hope was my beacon of light. With you guys beside me we will choke out Herbert. Snuff that mofo out.

With great gratitude, peace, and love – Samira

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